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Dr. Amanda Alleyn is awesome. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to have her as my doctor. I highly recommend her!!!!


I’m pre-menopausal! I have hot flashes and monthly cycles!!! I sat there and blubbered like a baby about it. Dr. Harper is adorable!!! When I left the office I felt as though I was among my sisters. I would recommend her, and have, with The utmost confidence!


Dr. Harper is ABSOLUTELY the best OBGYN I have ever seen. She LOVES her JOB and her PATIENTS!!!! She made me feel like we grew up together and we were friends! I have NOTHING negative to say about Dr. Harper or the staff! They make me feel welcomed and very comfortable when I am there!Read More


I’ve seen Dr. Pugliese for 9 years now and I would never go anywhere else! I saw Dr. Harper in February and fell in love with her too! She was on call and delivered my baby and even my family members commented on how professional and sweet she was. Love these drs.


Can’t say enough good things about all of these docs! I know I’m in good hands with them! They stay up with all of the current recommendations in the field of ob/gyn and are all so personable and friendly!


Such an amazing team of physicians. Dr. Pugliese helped me through a scary time in my last pregnancy. Her patience and knowledge made me feel like everything was going to be ok. And it was! I have a strong healthy 3 year old boy today


Best in the business! My admiration for these doctors cannot properly be put into words!


Extremely knowledgeable doctors who truly care about their patients! I would not go anywhere else.


I see Dr. Pugliese, and she is wonderful. She’s very compassionate, intelligent, and thorough. She makes every appt a pleasant experience. Highly recommend her!


Dr. Alleyn is the BEST! She’s seriously the coolest. She always makes me feel comfortable and she answers all my questions. She’s Very knowledgeable and compassionate. I also love all the nurses! In short, this place is my JAM! Would recommend to anyone!

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